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Case Study: The Arcade Video & Photo Shoot

The Arcade Wichita

Client Name
The Arcade

Client Site

Project Type
Video & Photography

Project Goal
To create a promo video showing off the inside and outside of The Arcade

We knew we would be shooting in low lighting and would have to account for the old CRT monitors and bright lights in many of the arcade cabinates. Because of this, all the footage and photos were shot with shutter speed of 30 along with a frame rate of 30. Normally video isn't shot this way (usually your frame rate is twice your shutter speed), but since we didn't plan on using any fast moving shots, this worked well. We also used a fairly wide angle low light lens (32mm f1.4). The resulting video and photos show very little wash out of the bright areas and really capture the feel of The Arcade. We also shot entirely in 4k to give us room to crop or pan footage if we needed to.

We also created a website for this client. You can view that project here.

Final Video

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