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Case Study: Religion Newswriters Association 2015 Presentation

Client Name
Religion Newswriters

Project Type
Keynote Presentation


Project Goal
To create a Keynote presentation to display current and upcoming sessions, luncheons, and other items of interest during and between sessions at their 2015 annual conference.

We chose Apple's Keynote software to create the presentation in due to its ease of use and great transitions and effects. A purple background was chosen to match the conference and organization branding, and a ghosted outline of the host city was added for effect. The logo was then placed in the corner to tie in the organization branding.

Several different layouts were created for the various session types such as Luncheon or Panel. Slides were also created to show what was coming up next and to tell attendees about special events.

Several other slides including sponsor logo slides, the conference twitter hashtag and the conference wifi password were also created.

Since our team was on site running the projection and a/v for the conference, we were able to make any changes or additions easily and get them on screen quickly.

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