Don't Panic!

Most of the time, things go fine. But sometimes you start planning your conference or meeting and start to feel like you're losing control. The venue is making high tech suggestions and you're watching the cost go up and up.

"How do you know what you need?" "That internet drop is how much!?" "Why do we need to rent speakers if we're just using a small room?" "Why do we need to pay for a sound person if we only have one mic?"

This is where we come in.

Peace of Mind

 We can consult with you, figure out your needs and then talk to your venue and get the best possible solution for you that saves you money in the process. We can even come to your event as your on-site tech and manage all your needs from running sound to creating postcasts to managing av setups in different rooms. We can even run all your presentations and gather speaker files for your sessions so you don't have to.

Let us handle it so you don't have to worry about it.