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Case Study: WordCamp US 2018 Event Photography

WordCamp US 2018

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WordCamp US

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To shoot speakers and candids at the 2018 WordCamp US Conference.

This was our first ever WordCamp, so Brian decided to volunteer as an event photographer so he could really get a feel for the community. The photos were shot on our Lumix G85 camera with a 25mm f 1.7, the 12-60 kit lens and a 35-100 f 2.8, which on the micro four thirds system makes it a 70-200 lens. Because of the smaller size and weight of micro four thirds lenses and the quietness of the electronic shutter on the G85, he was able to move around quietly and without wearing out his arms due to lens weight. Overall it was a wonderful experience that we look forward to doing again in 2019.

One of our photos actually was used on an official blog post. It's the first photo on the page (though they seemed to have over compressed it a bit).

Visit our flickr gallery to view more images from WordCamp US 2018.

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