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Case Study: Shores of Grace Banners

Client Name
Shores of Grace Ministries

Print Format
33" X 78" Roll Up Banner

Project Goal
Create two banners that can be used on either side of their ministry booth on tour and at conferences.

While they are based in Brazil, this ministry holds several fundraising/worship tours in the U.S. throught the year to help fund their ministry in Brazil. For several years Shores of Grace has been using lower quality or hand made displays behind or on their table.

We were asked to create 2 different but similar banners that could easily be rolled up and stored when not in use. We chose an inexpensive roll-up banner system to stay within their budget, while still working well for their needs.

We were also asked to try to incorporate the Brazilian flag and their vision statement. We used Adobe Photoshop to create 2 unique, bright and bold banners would work alone or together, also incorporating their new logo and faded water color branding they provided.

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