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Case Study: Aldersgate General Brochure

Client Name
Aldergate Renewal Ministries

Print Format
5.5" X 8.5" Half-Fold
12 Page Booklet

Project Goal
To create a new, all inclusive general brochure the ministry can hand out at events.

We worked closely with this client to get the feel of their ministry and the direction they wanted to go for this project. We knew it needed to give a great overview of everything they do, without being too wordy. We then gathered contents from all the various departments and them compiled them. We created a rough design and layout, and sent it back to the staff to look over and make adjustments to. Once that was complete, we added photos from various events (including a few taken by us) to break up the text and give it a more personal feel. The client was ecstatic ath the final result and has voiced their love of this piece several times to us.

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