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Case Study: Aldersgate Renewal Ministries Banner

Client Name
Aldersgate Renewal Ministries

Print Format
47" X 80" Roll Up Banner

Project Goal
Create a single rool up banner to replace 3 separate banners

The old display was a set of 3 banners that had to be put next to each other and looked rather odd if there was too much space between each banner. It was also a bit dated and had the client's old branding on it. We replaced this with a single, 47" wide by 80" tall roll up banner that could easily be transported. It also had minimal branding and used their new vision statement. It was created such that it would still be usable behind a table, but could also be used standing alone.

For the background, we merged several different photos from their annual conference to showcase the sorts of things that go on during their events. Overall the client was very happy with the result and uses it at many of their events.

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